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2015-16 KPGT Scholarship Award Winner

As announced at the May 5th General Membership Meeting, KPGT is pleased to recognize Abigail Anderson of Seven Lakes High School as this year's KPGT Scholarship Recipient.

Updated information will be posted here in August regarding the 2016-2017 Scholarship.  

Lisa Van Gemert

If you were unable to join us for Lisa Van Gemert's talk and you're a current KPGT member, use your member password to log into the "Members Only" section to watch a recording of her talk. 

If you aren't a member yet, you can join now to gain access to speaker talks and handouts, as well as enjoying early registration to events, all while supporting gifted education in Katy. Click here for membership details.

TAGT Scholarships

Since 1982, TAGT has awarded over one million dollars in assistance for gifted and talented learners. These contributions have provided scholarships to almost 4,000 students. There are currently four scholarships available, two for summer enrichment programs and two for high school seniors. Application deadline is February 26. Click here for more info.

Duke TIP Webinar: I have my scores, now what?

This webinar on Wednesday, February 10 will review the Results Summary and help families to better understand how students performed on the ACT and SAT relative to their peers. TIP benefits offered will be covered. Click here to register.

Organize Me!

Does your student have difficulty managing all of their homework, study time and extracurricular activities? Download this helpful document with 12 steps towards being an organized student.

Volunteering and Children

Volunteering builds character, empathy and selflessness, especially in children and teens . Click here to download a pdf document on how to build a well-rounded student through volunteering.

KPGT Named TAGT'S Parent Group of 2015

The Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented has honored KPGT with The Parent Group of the Gifted Award for 2015!  Read more on the TAGT website.

Curious about Duke TIP?

If your 7th grade student recently received information about the Duke TIP program, here's where to find more info.

KPGT Membership

Become part of a nonprofit support and advocacy group that has served the Katy Independent School District since 1987. A steal at just $20 annually, a family membership has many benefits and supports GT education in Katy ISD.  Join today!

"Dear Teacher, My Gifted Child Is In Your Class"

A touching letter about the challenges gifted students face in the classroom. Read it at Crushing Tall Poppies.

Texas TEKS vs. Common Core

This is a great presentation that really helps explain the difference between the Texas TEKS and Common Core. It explains the history behind it and why there is overlap, and why there is a need for new math standard. It is "Item 6-curriculum Update."


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