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If have "liked" KPGT on Facebook, you probably appreciate the helpful links that KPGT Board members and parents post to our page. If you are not a Facebook user, here is a selection of some of those resources.

  • Math Puns :)
  • List of Colleges That Meet 100% of Financial Need : If your family will need to depend on financial aid to attend college, your best bet is to find a school that will offer an excellent financial aid package to your child. A great way to assess the generosity of any school is to look at the percentage of financial need it typically meets for its students. List from
  • "Dear Teacher, My Gifted Child is in Your Class" a touching letter addressing the difficulties GT students face in the classroom. Read it at the Crushing Tall Poppies blog.
  • Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children? article from The Washington Post
  • 23 Lines a Gifted Child LOVES to Hear  article from Atlas Educational
  • Asynchronous Development in Gifted Children (article
  • Read your way to a love of math: 50 titles for ages 4-12
  • Texas TEKS vs. Common Core: This is a great presentation that really helped explain the difference between the Texas TEKS and Common Core. It explains the history behind it and why there is overlap, and why there is a need for new math standard. It is "Item 6-curriculum Update."
  • Frank Bruni speaks to Katie Couric about College Admission Anxiety (video
  • "Geek Model" Lyndsey Scott is a New York City model working for Prada, Gucci and Victoria's Secret. She's also an iOS programmer with two apps she created available in the Apple store. The self-described "geek model" started programming in middle school and does not see any contradiction between her careers in fashion and the tech world. (video
  • Twice Gifted: Mention the terms “intellectual giftedness” and “learning disability” and there is a general understanding of what each term means. However, most people are unaware that in many circumstances the two can go hand in hand. (article
  • 10 Great Comics for Early Readers: When a child is just learning to read, comics can be a great supplement to help foster love and enjoyment for books. (article
  • A Message from Dr. Dan Peters: Why Is My Child So Complex? (article)